ArcticBreeze news 2012


LKA was a fantastic day for us Echo won Limit Bitch and went on to get the first Challenge Certificate, Breeze won the Veteran Bitch handled superbly at a minutes notice by Sarah Towers and went on to win the Reserve Challenge Certificate under Judge Dave Killilea. Sid was placed reserve in his class. Not forgetting Wayne who along with Simon Molloy & Neil Bebb raised almost £1800 for Alaskan Malamute Rescue by having his chest waxed



An eventful but fun weekend at Scotland Working & Pastoral Champ Show, Sid placed second in Open Dog,  Echo Winning Post Grad and Breeze winning Veteran and also placed second in the Veteran Stakes. We broke down twice on the way home  and finally got home in the early hours. On the same day  Wayne took the muskets to Delemere Rally and ran in the Sibe class having a super run,  Misty & Mikey ran in the D2 class getting 3rd place.

We supported the AMCUK the following weekend  in taking some of our dogs to be used for the ‘Hands on Assessment’  we had a lovely lunch and lots of laughs.

At Hyde & District Open Show Sid won Best of Breed and Working Group One

Our next rally was Quantock Quest, a total wash out both teams won their classes.  It took days to do the washing after this event .


Sid gets placed forth in  Limit Dog and Echo placed VHC in her first Open Bitch Class at Midland Counties.

Our first rally of the season was AWMA at Thetford where we both competed in the same class  getting second and third place.

At Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland champ-show under Mrs B Banbury Echo wins the Post Graduate bitch class & Sid takes 2nd in open dog.


At the AMCUK champ-show...... "Sid" was handled by Sarah Towers where he won the Mid Limit class, I handled brother "Kavaanni" to win the big limit dog class and also takes 2nd place with sister "Echo" in Mid limit bitch.....Wizz won Post graduate bitch qualifying her for Crufts 2013,  She has only been shown a  few times so this was a lovely surprise for us,  Breeze won a strong Veteran Class .....all in all a great day :)

At Driffield champ-show Sid wins post graduate dog, BEST DOG & BEST OF BREED & Echo wins post graduate bitch and takes RESERVE BEST BITCH! Thanks to to judge Bridgette Bodle for thinking so highly of our dogs!

ArcticBreeze news 2012

A Long but fun day at Darlington, Litter-mates Sid, Echo & Kavaanni all win their classes, Kavaanni went on to win the RESERVE BEST DOG RCC !!!! and then to win the RCC winners stakes class. Thank you to Sarah Towers for superbly handling Sid in the class and challenge.

We were over the moon to have very good placings in some very strong and large classes against some strong competition. At City Of Birmingham Champ Show under breed specialist judge John Phillips Echo wins the post graduate bitch class, Kavaani takes 3rd place in limit dog with brother Sid once again handled by Sarah Towers to win the post graduate dog class and go on to take RESERVE BEST DOG RCC, All in all a fab day out :)



At WKC  Sid wins Post Graduate Dog and Echo is placed 2nd in her class, Breeze is placed third in a huge Open Bitch Class

At Paignton champ show Echo wins 1st place in the post graduate & brother Sid is placed RES in limit dog class. Timmy wins Post Graduate Dog, Misty is placed VHC in Open Bitch.


At Leeds Champ-show Echo wins 1st post graduate bitch, BEST BITCH & goes on to take BEST OF BREED & was shortlisted in the working group :) Brother Kavaani wins the LD class

At East Of England champ-show Sarah Towers handles Sid in Post graduate dog to win the class & I take Brother Kavanni to win Limit dog class gaining his studbook number and then sister Echo takes 2nd in PGB.


Sid won PGD at Border Union Show under breed specialist Jill Broadberry. Three counties was a rather damp affair, we decided to take Timmy for a change, he was placed 4th in his class,  Mum Breeze placed second in OB.


At the AMCUK we had a great day with great results, Up first was Echo in Yearling bitch and did us very proud with winning the class! Next up was Sid handled by Sarah Towers to take 3rd place. It was back in with Kavanni where we won the big limit dog class! All in all a great day out with friends and a bit too much sun!

Start of the shows for us, firstly was the Birmingham National.  Echo was placed first in Post Graduate under breed specialist Sue Smith.

Next was Scotland Champ Show we had a fab day, just taking Echo who won the RCC out of the yearling class and Breeze was placed 3rd in a very strong Open Bitch class.

ArcticBreeze news 2012


The Malamute of the year (MOYA) points were recently announced , It is always nice to see our breeding represented here and this year we were thrilled to have our dogs in the top placing in both the showing at working points.

Breeze was runner up Top bitch and rated 9th top malamute overall

Misty was placed 4th top brood bitch and placed 18th in the top show bitches ,

We were very proud  to see her placed runner up in the Top working bitch. Few dogs excel in both spheres and we are thrilled to see her in both lists.

Partner in harness Mikey was runner up in Top Working Dog.  Mikey continues to give it his all on the trails again some fierce competition.

Echo couldn't have done any more in her first year of competition. She was placed a fantastic 6th  top  puppy despite only having a few weeks in puppy class and just behind her mum in the top  bitches  in 19th place,  Echo was 8th in the Top Working Bitch.

Sid was hot on his sister Echo’s  heals placed 8th in the top puppy class again with only a handful of  puppy class's , placed 8 the in top working dog also .

Team musketeers did a great job. Gracie and Wizz were placed 9th and 10th in the top working bitch. 

We were over the moon to see our 4 working girls all in the top 10!!

Not forgetting. Timmy getting 12 the place in the top working dog. These placing were lovely surprise considering we did not manage a full quota of 10 rally results to submit for the muskets.

Last but not least storm picked up 10th place in top brood bitch .


Our rally season was cut short as Wayne Injured his back , whilst we were disappointed to miss the last Amwa rally of the seaso, we were thrilled to hear Wayne had won the MS class ( 3 dogs +) Championship with Misty, Mikey, Sid and Echo.

Crufts was a busy day for us taking 5 dogs, we were over the moon to have very good placings in some very strong and large classes against international competition. Echo 2nd YB, Sid 4th YD, Kavanni 3rd PGD, Misty 5th LBArcticBreeze


At Matlock & District under judge Kevin Young Misty's Daughter Keisha was placed 2nd in the open class!

Koldsnap Buell Lightening ~The sudden loss of Mikey's son Buell owned, bred and adored by Steve & Maggie Wilkinson broke our hearts, he was a dog in a million such a handsome happy chap with a heart of gold. He excelled on the trails with his sister Millie, he always made us laugh with his cartoon like tongue . We will never forgot you Buell Sleep tight and wear your silver harness with pride.


SHCGB Pembrey Feb ~ The long trek to Pembrey was a sad one after this news however Wayne ran the Musketeers Timmy Wizz and Gracie in the E2 on the first day only to get disqualified by going the wrong way !!
Misty & Mikey came 2nd in the D2 class again the fastest all Malamute team. Sid & Echo came in a respectable 4th place


SHCGB Grimsthorpe Feb ~ A fantastic venue, Misty & Mikey came 2nd in the D2 again fastest all malamute team, Sid & Echo had a much better run on the second day catching two teams and coming 5th, Well done to Amanda Coney who really did step up to the mark and run Kavaanni and Chaska in matti's absence. This was her first time ever on a rig . Well done to Steve too who with Mikey's daugther Millie and borrowed dog Cutter braved what was an emotional weekend.

ArcticBreeze news 2012ArcticBreeze news 2012

Left Lisa with Sid & Echo - right Amanda with Kavaani & Chaska well done teams!......Photo's by Mark Wyard!

SHCGB Sherwood Jan ~ Wayne ran Timmy Wizz and Gracie in the E2 placed 2nd ( Highest placed all malamute team) and then Misty & Mikey in the D2 to 3rd place again highest placed all Malamute Team. Kavaanni's team was 3rd all Mal Team and Sid & Echo 5th .
Forever grateful to our very good friend Sophie Blythe who stepped up to the task of running a team for us. Sophie usually runs a four or six dog sibe team so a two dog malamute team was a little different for her.

SHCGB Aviemore Jan ~ Our annual holiday was upon us again, Wayne ran the four dog and three dog teams. A fantastic result alround, Misty Mikey Sid & Echo came 2nd winning the highest placed All Malamute Team in the C2 .
The Muskets did a great job coming 5th ( 2nd highest place all Malamute team) A very very close place behind was Matti with Kavaanni and Chaska, Wayne & Matti had lots of fun gong around the trail together both days and finished the weekend within a second of each other.

At Manchester Champ show, Sarah handles Misty's daughter Keisha to win the big post grad class!! Well done to all involved :)

Keisha has now qualifed for CRUFTS 2013!!!!


The new year got off to a great start with Lilly finding her forever home, Mark & Sharon were the perfect candidates, they travelled up to collect her on new years day, Lilly adored them immediately she jumped into their car settled down with her head between the seats and never looked back . Lilly was soon re named Mishka and is loving her long walks and fun life with Mark and Sharon who have just treated her to a Scooter and Harness