ArcticBreeze news 2011


The festive period approached when a slight mishap in the garden occurred. A knee injury put Lisa on the bench for a few weeks. However we spent Christmas day away from the hussle and bustle of festivities at Sherwood forest with the dogs.

At Dalby Forest their was only one freighting class so ' Team Muskets' again ran with the sibes getting a fantastic time
Misty & Mikey win the D2 class, followed by Kavaanni in second and Sid & Echo in third place.
This meant the top four freighting teams included our home breddogs.

At LKA Champ Show we try and make a rule not to show our dogs in the winter but somehow always end up going to LKA, after the daunting task of preparing the dogs in freezing temperatures, We took three dogs First in the ring was Timmy ( Arcticbreeze Fast N Furious) He has done very little showing but did us proud getting fourth place in a very strong Junior Dog Class.
Echo ( Arcticbreeze Midnite Echo) made her debut here last year so we were pleased to see her exit the Junior classes with a first place. Breeze (Arcticbreeze Lady Imocara) came third in a very strong Open Bitch Class.

ArcticBreeze news 2011

AMWA Forest Of Dean ~ Misty Mikey Sid & Echo as 4 dog placed 2nd in the MS class Wizz makes her debut on the trails with sister Gracie coming 3rd in the M2. Timmy gets a respectable 9th in the scooter class.

SHCGB Delemere Forest Night rally Misty & Mikey placed 2nd in the D2 (fastest All Malamute Team) Sid & Echo hot on their heals in 3rd place. Timmy, Wizz & Gracie run with the siberian huskies as there is only one freighting class, Delighted to see them hold there own.

ABSA Sherwood Forest Dec 2011 ~ Misty & Mikey get a 2nd place in the EF Class
The three Musketeers littermates Wizz, Timmy and Gracie compete in a three dog freighting class for the first time placed 2nd and fastest All Mal Team. Sid & Echo are placed 4th Fastest Mal team. Hot on thier heals is Kavaanni (brother to Sid & Echo ) and racing partner Chaska This was the first race for musher Matti Coney ... what a fantastic start.

It was at this rally we took home Lilly 'Arcticbreeze Midnite Dream' , she came back to us for rehoming due to unforeseen circumstances, she settled in well whilst we searched for the perfect home for her.

At forest Of Dean rally AMWA Sid & Echo with Mummy Misty & Uncle Mikey run in the 4 dog team finishing 2nd place.


At Delemere rally AMWA Sid & Echo in the MS class take 2nd place with.

AMWA Thetford Forest Oct 2011 ~ This is the first race for the youngsters Sid, Echo, Timmy & Gracie. What a fab start Misty Mikey Sid & Echo as 4 dog winning MS class Timmy & Gracie 6th Place in a competitive M2 with a very nervous Lisa

ArcticBreeze news 2011

Sid & Echo at wheel with uncle Mikey & Mum Misty at front thank you Sharr Wolfe for the photo


A quite month for us finishing the showing season and starting to get the fitness of the dogs up ready for the working season, high temperatures made training mainly through the night.

We did the local Crewe Open show, Timmy made a rare appearance and had a great time and lots of fun getting Reserve Best of Breed, Breeze went along to keep him company getting 2nd place.


A busy month at the shows for us, firstly was Birmingham City Champ Show, a great day getting 2nd with Misty in PGB, Breeze came 4th in a strong OB class and Kavanni was placed 4th in JD class.


At the Alaskan malamute specialty club show we had a busy but fun day with great results Misty was placed 2nd in the Mid Limit class. Sid wins the yearling Dog class & brother Kavaani wins the Junior Dog class. Kavaani was handled by myself and then he went on to take BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW Many thanks to his owners Barry & Amanda for enduring the long journey and long day.



Driffield was an incredibily hot day, but one of my favourite shows of the year. Misty and Breeze both won their class and Sid gained second place in junior dog. We were delighted when Breeze won BEST BITCH.

Darlington followed a few days later. Misty won her class as did son Kavaani. Breeze did a great job getting second in Open.

At Darlington champ show Kavaani on wins the Junior Dog class handled by myself.


We made the journey to Bournemouth, Wizz made her debut in the Junior Bitch class, she gained a respectable 4th place and enjoyed strutting her stuff immensely despite it being a very hot day. Misty was second in PGB and Breeze was placed 3rd in OB.

WKC was the next show, a Girlie day out with just Breeze and Misty, Both were placed second in their classes. Well worth the visit when Breeze won her 2nd RCC, RBB. Misty was placed 2nd in her class.


At Leeds champ show Breeze wins her class and goes on to win Reserve Best Bitch. Kavaani goes to his second show and goes on to win the Junior Dog class handled by myself . Echo is placed 2nd in the Junior bitch class, Echo now almost out of coat is staying home for the next few outings.

At the National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society Champ Show was a very wet affair. Breeze is placed 2nd in Open Bitch Echo is placed 2nd in the junior bitch class. Mikey gained 4th place in Limit Dog.

Only Echo attended Eat of England, A nice chilled out day with only one dog, Echo placed RES.

At Windsor champ show 'Sid' takes a 3rd & 'Echo' takes 2nd place both in the Junior class. Mikey gets 3rd place.

At the National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society Champ Show Echo is placed 2nd in the junior bitch class.

At Windsor champ show Sid takesa 3rd & Echo takes 2nd place both in the Junior class.

What a day to remember at The Scottish Kennel Club CC show under Judge Mr F Kane, This was the first show for Breeze ( Arcticbreeze Lady Imocara) for a good while, we were absolutely thrilled when she won an extremely strong Open Bitch Class and was awarded her FIRST CHALLENGE CERTIFICATE. Breeze and Storm also won the Brace class. Sid (Arcticbreeze Midnite Hero) won 2nd in puppy dog and Keisha (Arcticbreeze Midnite Wispa) is placed 3rd in puppy bitch and just when we thought the day couldn’t get any better Echo (Arcticbreeze Midnite Echo) took first in Puppy Bitch and BEST PUPPY IN BREED!!!


Another top day at the Alaskan Malamute Specialty Club Show we had a great day with great results!!! "Sid" (Arcticbreeze Midnite Hero) won his class, BEST PUPPY DOG & then went on to be crowned BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!!!!! Sid's sister "Keisha" (Arcticbreeze Midnite Wispa) is placed 3rd in puppy bitch. Breeze & Mikey both got a respectable third place respectably in their classes. Storm showed off her offspring and won BEST BROOD BITCH. Wayne showed off his handling WINNING THE TEAM CLASS which is showing thre dogs plus at the same time. and placed second in Brace


Photo by Jo Sugden

At Birmingham National champshow Sid (Arcticbreeze Midnite Hero) won his class and was also, BEST PUPPY DOG, with is sister Echo (Arcticbreeze Midnite Echo) winning her class, BEST PUPPY BITCH, BEST PUPPY IN BREED & PUPPY WORKING GROUP 3. Litter sister Keisha (Arcticbreeze Midnite Wispa) was placed RES in puppy bitch class!

ArcticBreeze news 2011

Sid left & Echo Right Photo by Joan Sheehan

At W.E.L.K.S Champshow "Sid" (Arcticbreeze Midnite Hero) won his class and was also, BEST PUPPY DOG, with is sister "Echo" (Arcticbreeze Midnite Echo) taking 2nd place form a big class!


Crufts 2011
At the big show "Crufts" Sid and Echo both placed 2nd in puppy class

At Nantwich & District under Judge Tony Burscough, we took the 3 pups! We were thrilled to ge 1st, in Puppy, BEST PUPPY IN BREED & RESERVE BEST OF BREED with Sid who then went on the take WORKING PUPPY GROUP 2! Echo was 1st in Post Grad and Wizz was placed 3rd! All in all a great day out!

Couple of open shows this month, Wizz made her debut in great style winning ‘BEST IN SHOW‘ handled by Karleigh Molyeneux at Middlewich Open Show under Sophie Carmichael.

Ashfield open show judge jack Marshal - Sid and Wizz went for a day out! Sid won his class and got BEST PUPPY IN BREED, Wizz was hot on his heels in second place.

Matlock & District Open show was our next stop showing Sid & Echo under breed specialist Lou Forster. We were thrilled to get BEST PUPPY IN BREED and RESERVE BEST OF BREED with Sid who then went on the take WORKING PUPPY GROUP 2.

Echo shown by Wayne was placed just behind Sid in the same class, She strutted her stuff around the ring as if she owned it

We were all set to get to some rallies this year, Sherwood as first on the list however, the evening before Misty was clearly under the weather, a trip to the vets revealed Misty had been up to her old tricks and stolen and swollowed a tea towel from a very high ledge. Major surgery followed and thank goodness Misty was okay.

Obviously this meant Misty was unable to run at Aviemore so Breeze boldly stepped up to the mark and filled her harness!!!!! We were thrilled and shocked that the team ended up in 6th place. As usual we had a fantastic time in Aviemore. The pups enjoyed the atmosphere of the race days and lots of nice walks in the week.