Very busy month for us starting with a trek to Pembrey Forest in South Wales which was the most fabulous trail, then came Kershope up in Scotland and the final one for the year was Rendlesham in Suffolk. Misty & Mikey continue having so much fun on the trails winning all of these races.

Wyre Forest gave us another second place in very wet weather. Thetford forest was next we gained a first and second place. Next Rally Quantock Quest which was a Night followed by a day Rally. We were thrilled to gain first place for the second year at this venue. 

Misty wins Post Graduate Bitch and then goes on to win Best Opposite Sex In breed at Driffield Championship show. Mikey & Storm gain second & third place respectively.

Delemere Night Rally is the first rally of the season for us, a great venue which is also only local too. Misty & Mikey came in second place despite having a hold up on the trail. Wayne braved the Cani Cross with Storm, safe to say he won’t be doing it again despite a respectable placing.

Breeze wins Limit Bitch at the Alaskan Malamute Championship show

Only Wales show for Mikey this month who did us proud winning a very tough Post Grad Dog Class.

We combined our weeks holiday with Leeds Champ show. Storm amused all the spectators by wooing around the ring, We were very proud when she was awarded BEST BITCH in a very strong open class. 

Southern Counties was a great day for us, although we only just made it there in time!!! Mikey gained 2nd place. 

Breeze & Storm both won their classes and gained BEST BITCH & RESERVE BEST BITCH respectively. 

Three counties saw Mikey gain a second and Breeze third. 

Blackpool show gave Breeze a third place in Limit Bitch 

Mikey is placed Overall Winner in the Stakes. Also second in yearling Dog. Breeze gets a respectable VHC in Limit. Wayne braves the Team class (Showing 3 dogs together ) and gains 1st place 

At Birmingham CH show Breeze is placed 1st and awarded the RCC, Mikey is placed 1st and Misty is placed 3rd.

Malamute of the Year Awards were out, we were delighted with the results
Storm gained Top Brood Bitch
Mikey Runner up in Puppy
Mikey Runner up in Top Working Dog
Misty Runner up Top Working Bitch & 6th place in Puppy
Breeze 4th Place Overall in Top Bitch.

Gretna Green was the setting for our wedding of course all the dogs came along too!!

Storm & Mikey did us proud. Mikey winning Junior Dog & Storm winning Limit Bitch, 

Breeze & Mikey get 2nd place at South Alwen (SHCGB)
Misty & Mikey get 2nd place at Buttersteep (AMWA) in a huge class of over 20 competitors

A fun weekend at R2 (Bshra) Misty & Mikey win their class on day one & second place on day two, Breeze got 4th in the scooter class.

Grimsthorpe was the first time we ran Misty & Breeze together,they enjoyed the trail coming in fastest all Malamute team.

Unfortunately racing was cancelled on the second day but we all had a treat. There was plenty of snow and Wayne had his first go on the sled.

Kicks off with a great start with Misty & Mikey winning Greystoke, Breeze joined them as a three dog at Sherwood Pines the following week getting the fastest All Malamute Three Dog Team.

Slipping a show in between rallies we did Manchester Champ show where Mikey got 2nd place in Junior Dog & Breeze got third in Open Bitch

We trekked up to Aviemore for our annual holiday, Misty & Mikey loved the trail and were the fastest All Malamute team not only of the event but in the history Aviemore.